Accident Details Checklist

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What Should You Do if You Think You Have a Claim?

If you think you have a claim it is vital to obtain as much evidence as possible to support your claim and to evidence the circumstances and show what happened.  You should:

  1. Report your accident to whoever is responsible for the location in which your accident occurred and ensure that they detail it in their accident report book if they have one.
  2. Write your own account of what happened in as much detail as you can remember.  Doing this soon after the accident would be helpful as your memory of the accident will be better.
  3. Take photographs of the scene of the accident.  Cameras on mobile phones are useful for this however if you are not able to take photos at the time of the accident, return later on to document the location.
  4. Obtain contact details of any witnesses to your accident and ask them to provide you with a note of what they saw happen.
  5. Get medical treatment for your injuries and take photographs of your injuries as this along with a medical report will provide evidence of the extent of the injuries.
  6. Keep or make a note of any of your property that was damaged in the accident such as clothes
  7. Try to find out if there have been similar accidents before.
  8. Ask whether there is CCTV in the area of your accident and see if your accident was recorded.

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