What are you Entitled to?

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What you are entitled to?

Compensation is based on a tariff system with a specific amount awarded for the injuries suffered and where applicable compensation for lost earnings.  The minimum award that can be made is £1,000 and the maximum that can be made in respect of one injury is £500,000. However, this is the maximum that can be awarded before any deductions and because it is in respect of one injury only, if more than one person is making a claim for example following the death of a victim of a violent crime the total amount they receive collectively cannot exceed £500,000.  You can only be compensated for the three most serious injuries on the tariff level.

For the most serious injury you receive 100% of the tariff, the next most serious you receive 30% of the tariff and for the third most serious injury you receive 15% of the tariff.  You may also receive compensation for loss of earnings and special expenses if you are off work for more than 28 weeks.  You do not receive any compensation for the first 28 weeks but following this the claims officer who determines your claim may pay compensation which will be subject to the £500,000 maximum.