Case Study

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Peter was attacked in Leeds city centre as he made his way home from work.  He was beaten to the floor and kicked repeatedly.  He was not able to identify his attackers.  He suffered several injuries including a fractured skull, dislocated jaw, a lost front tooth and he also lost his sense of smell.  He was unable to work for 40 weeks but has now returned to his job as a shop assistant.  His salary that he should have received during the period he was unable to work was £250 per week; however he only received statutory sick pay during this period of £75.40 per week.

Tariff for injuries:

Fractured skull = £6,600 (level 11)

Dislocated Jaw = £5,500 (level 10)

Loss of front tooth = £1,750 (level 4)

Total loss of smell = £11,000 (level 13)


Injury Entitlement:

Only the 3 most serious injuries may be compensated for, therefore in respect of his injuries Peter received:

100% of £11,000 = Loss of smell            £11,000

30% of £6,600 = Fractured skull           £1,980

15% of £5,500 = Dislocated Jaw             £825


Total:                                                           £13,805


Entitlement for Lost Salary:

Nothing for the first 28 weeks, thereafter 12 weeks at £250, less statutory sick pay received of £75.40 for 12 weeks.  Therefore:

12 weeks @ £250                                                          £3,000


Statutory sick pay 12 weeks @ £75.40                    £904.80


Total:                                                                             £2,095.20


Total Compensation for Peter:

Injury Entitlement                                                        £13,805

Entitlement for Lost Salary                                        £2,095.20


Total:                                                                              £15,900.20