What is Clinical Negligence?

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Clinical negligence claims arise when a medical practitioner such as a doctor, nurse or dentists or an institutional health provider such as the NHS Trust breaches their duty of care to a patient who is consequently injured.  This means that the standard of care fell below the accepted level of care that could reasonably be expected in that particular area of medicine.

All treatment carries some risk and warnings are given to highlight this, and not all unexpected outcomes are the fault of those administering the treatment.  Therefore, just because a treatment hasn’t worked out the way it was expected does not mean that you have a case. Someone must have been negligent in order for you to pursue a claim.

If you think that you or someone close to you is suffering from an act of medical negligence you must act quickly and seek legal advice as it is important to obtain evidence in the form of medical records and witness statements as soon as possible after the negligence occurred.