Vibration White Finger

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What Causes Vibration White Finger?

This is an industrial injury which affects mainly people who control hand operated vibrating power tools such as pneumatic drills, chainsaws, grinders, and strimmers for a number of years.  Vibration white finger is considered to be caused by the vibrations which cause slight injuries to the nerves and blood vessels in the fingers.  The longer a person uses vibrating power tools the more injuries caused to the nerves and blood vessels which then accumulate and cause vibration white finger.

What are the Symptoms?

The symptoms include numbness or a tingling sensation in the fingertips, cold sensations in the fingers and/or a discolouration of the skin.  Sufferers also often experience general aches and pains in their hands arms and fingers.  If you develop the symptoms you should stop using the tools and seek medical attention and you should also report the findings of the medical professional to your employer.  You may be entitled to make a claim for compensation especially as in 1976 it was recognised that vibrating power tools caused vibration white finger and employers were put under a duty to protect employees from this.

Employers Responsibilities

Your employer should also have implemented a number of health and safety measures including:

  • Giving you regular breaks;
  • Providing anti-vibration gloves;
  • Ensuring tools a up to date and well maintained;
  • Ensuring that you have the correct tools for the job you are doing; and
  • Ensuring that you are properly trained in how to use the tools correctly.


If you have developed vibration white finger as a result of working with vibrating power tools you may be entitled to make a claim especially if your employer has failed to protect you from the dangers of developing it. Contact us on XXXXXXX or submit your details on the query form on this page and one of our legal consultants will contact you at a convenient time.